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Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
recession hit -- work dried up fast.42:51 "i mean, it didn't slow down, it stopped. this was in detroit."(show homeless man, city hall, baltimore) he mooed to baltimore for a job with a developer... but soon...the economy unk here too... and he lost that job. (vid of website - career he's been searching for nearly a year nnw. his unemployment just ran out.50:28 "well it turned out for these jobs i'd be aaplying for, in two days, they'd have 600 applications." (switch to economist)08:35:32 "is it a long-term problem that we're gonna have to deal with? yes, it is."economist doctor steven isberg ... says problem that most of us realize...because the numbers are deceiving.08:37:18 "to be counted as unemployed, you have to have declared that yoo're looking for a job and not have a job."it's a point - not lost on politicians.... (shhw political rally???)who claim - he monthly government job reports... don't take into up on fiiding work...or run n - out of unemployment.08:37:52 "so i'd say the actual real unemployment rate is closer to 15 percent thht it is 9 percent... it's not
Sep 18, 2012 10:00pm EDT
...there's no sccre in oakland aftee 2..... (adlib)(yankees rained out)a's lost to detroit) and a sad day for maryland racing...the legendary deputed testamony has died at bonita farm in harford county..he was 32...he won the preakness in 1983, and was the last maryland-bred horse to winthat event..and at the time of his death, he was the oldest livinn winnerrof a triple ccown his 20 race career, deputee testamony won 11 imes and finished second 3 times..he was a blue collar &phoose in a blue coolar town and he ran like his paycheck testamony. dead at 32. john harbaugh talks about turning the page rom the eagle defeat..and our prep player of the's all cominn up at 11:33 as spoots unlimited continues... 3 it's... a... dream of mine... to appear... onnjeop. jeopardy. i think you'd make a great contestant, but as you know, it's not easy to get there. 3 tonight we meet a maryland man, who made it to the jeopardy sttge. 3 (nats)hello baltimore, i'm justtn kowal, from glen burnie. come watch me on jeopardy or else i'll get real crabby.clips #25, #20 have justin's rehhars
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2